Top 10 Countries With Rudest Drivers 


As long as you’re used to driving on the right side of the road, common sense tells you that you should have no problem adapting to driving in a foreign country. Experience tells us this is much easier said than done. Some countries offer a great driving experience, using a combination of great highways and roads and great drivers, while others seem dedicated to making your life behind the wheel a living hell. If you ever wondered where you should avoid renting a car and just take a bus, here is a list of the countries with the rudest drivers:

  1. Vietnam

If you ever find yourself in Vietnam, only rent a car if you’re looking for an adventure. Although locals seem to handle traffic pretty well, don’t be fooled – they have years of experience disobeying even the simplest rules. Chaos is just daily business to them, so be prepared to encounter everything from cut-offs to complete ignorance.

  1. Italy

As a general rule of thumb, all Italian drivers will consider themselves more important than you. That means that they’ll cut you off, honk at you and generally consider you a lesser participant in traffic on a daily basis. Learning to drive in Italy is an art which requires good balance between swearing, bold moves and ignoring scratches.

  1. Dominican Republic

Most people visit the island to relax and enjoy the seaside. If you do plan on participating in the hectic traffic of the island, prepare yourself for sudden lane changes, no signaling and lots of drunk drivers.

  1. Saudi Arabia

Driving at high speeds is dangerous as it is, but coupled with some of the rudest drivers on the planet who have no respect for the law makes Saudi Arabia a big no-go.

  1. Venezuela

Venezuela has the cheapest gas in the world, but ironically has no traditional public transportation. Instead, gypsy cabs called “Por Puestos” pick up people and move them on set routes. These cabs are usually driven by bored, middle-aged men who want nothing more than to end a day’s work as quickly as possible – and with as much adrenaline as possible, both for them and their passengers.

  1. Nigeria

Rude drivers and road fatalities usually go hand in hand. Nearly all African countries have lots of road fatalities, but Nigerian drivers are something special even considering African standards. Be prepared for frequent fights, yelling and overall lack of rules.

  1. USA

Surprised? Just think about all the senior citizens who can hardly see the road, all the busy soccer moms balancing 2 children while driving and all the teenagers who want to become rally drivers. Couple that with swearing and racism at every second corner.

  1. China

Huge. Traffic. Jams. Chinese drivers are not necessarily rude individually, but as a whole, they can eat you up very, very quickly.

  1. India

Drivers in India require little to no formal training. Couple this with their huge numbers, bad roads, and quick temper and you’re set for chaos. India is a loud country, no doubt about that – driving in India is 10 times louder than just living there.


The absolute winner in our list of rudest drivers, Russia is famous on YouTube for some of the funniest, most incredible and scariest traffic videos on the planet. You’ll find everything from tanks crossing highways, no street signs, drunk driving, and hit-and-runs. After a few minutes in Russian traffic, you won’t blame the people that record EVERY single second they spend on Russian roads. Thankfully, you won’t understand much of the swearing if you don’t speak Russian. But if one of them pulls a gun, just do the manly thing and run. Russia is not one of the best locations to get cheap car insurance with their premiums among the highest around.